Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life at BYU

Two days of classes down. It has been a crazy ride. Classes are so different from what I am used to. I like most of them... but some are definitely difficult!

Life in an apartment is very weird right now. It's a big adjustment. As of now I'm not sure I like it too much. I'm just ready for a 3 day weekend!

It is FREEZING here! I think my hands might fall off from the cold. It snowed my first day going to class... at the end of April. What is that?! Definitely not a fan of walking to class in the snow. I am soo not used to 40 degree weather. I need a big coat!

Only about a month and a half left of classes...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Here We Go...

The countdown is beginning...

Move to BYU-1 day.
Starting school at BYU-5 days.

This next week is insane. Jam packed with emotion and activities. Wish me luck!